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Vast, Fast & Ahead of Schedule

How Fintech is transforming Saudi Arabia

Since 2018, fintech in Saudi Arabia has achieved staggering growth in a way that promises to transform the country and its position in the global economy.

This shift was enabled by a successful policy effort, but the scale of growth has exceeded goals and expectations. What does this transformation look like? What does it mean for the country’s economy and society? What lies ahead for Saudi Arabia in the face of this tremendous shift?

“Vast, Fast & Ahead of Schedule” tells the extraordinary financial transformation story of Saudi Arabia, and the world should be paying attention.

Waqas A. Rana
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Waqas is a political economist with over a decade of experience as an international independent consultant. He advises private and public sector clients in the areas of political and macroeconomic analysis, public policy research, and program design, focused on the South Asia and MENA regions.

Neha Noor
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Neha Noor is a Senior Associate at Tabadlab's Centre for Digital Transformation.

Hiba Fatima
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Hiba is a Senior Associate at the Centre for Digital Transformation. Hiba’s focus is on the intersection between digital and human development, public service delivery, and government. Her work aims to help different sectors benefit from digital transformation for improved economic and social opportunities. Hiba has an MSc. in International Politics from SOAS, and a BSc. in Economics and Political Science from LUMS.

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Umar Nadeem is the Head of Advisory at Tabadlab. He works at the intersection of evidence, technology and policy with experience in policy analysis, design and management of large-scale programmes and digital transformations, and has led multi-disciplinary portfolios advising governments and corporations in Asia, Europe and Africa. Umar holds a Master of Public Policy (MPP) from the Blavatnik School of Government, University of Oxford.